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R22 Replacement

What is R22?

R22 is a refrigerant gas that was commonly used in air conditioning systems as part of the refrigeration cycle.
Due to both international and EU regulation, R22 has undergone a phasing out process. After 31st December 2014 it will no longer be legal to top up or replenish a system using R22 gas.

What can be done with my existing R22 equipment?

Pulse Services Ltd. can offer a variety of cost effective solutions.

Depending on the condition of your equipment a drop-in gas may be used.
R417A is an ozone friendly R22 replacement gas known as a drop-in gas which can be used with existing R22 systems. However, replacing R22 gas with a drop-in gas may not be economically viable if your equipment is old and likely to fail.
If your equipment needs replacing in some cases the existing R22 pipework can be reused with new R410A indoor and outdoor units, in some cases a full replacement may be required.

Please contact us on 01749 670838 for a no obligation survey for a solution to your existing R22 equipment.

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