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Domestic Air Conditioning Installation

An air conditioning installation in your home would not only create a perfect atmosphere but help you to do your bit in reducing your CO2 emissions.

We have provided many homes and conservatory's with air conditioning systems, in most cases we would recommend wall-mounted or void-mounted split -systems. These systems consist of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor evaporating unit. The systems have a reverse-cycle heat pump mode, which means that they can pimagesrovide very efficient heating in addition to cooling. The systems usually use R410a refrigerant which is a modern refrigerant and not harmful to the environment. The systems are inverter driven which makes them extremely efficient to run. We provide domestic services to the south of the UK, it would not normally be cost effective to install a domestic system outside the south, due to the cost/time of travelling, but we would still be pleased to provide a quotation.

The Process

We would pop round to to perform a free, no-obligation survey (usually takes 1-2 hours). We would then provide you with a quotation. If you wanted to proceed we would schedule a team of two engineers to attend to install the equipment. They would mount the indoor unit neatly in the specified position and posision the outdoor unit on cantilever brackets attached to a solid wall, they would then install interconnecting pipework and controls cabling between the indoor and outdoor units. They would then safely connect the power supply between the outdoor unit and your home's consumer unit using armoured cable. The system would be fully tested, commissioned and demonstrated to you. The time-frame of the installation process depends on: the distance between the indoor and outdoor units, the distance to the consumer unit and the positions of the units. For a typical single domestic system, this would be 1-2 days.

For more information about our services, or if you have any questions, contact our domestic air conditioning installation team on 01749 670838.

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