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Pulse and Our Environment

Pulse Services Ltd is committed to compliance with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice in regards to its operations and activities.

We will use policies and procedures that will ensure the conservation of natural resources while minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations, including, but not limited to:-

  • Compliance with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice in regards to its operations and activities.
  • The reduction of travelling by engineers to a minimum by management and planning.
  • Offering our customers, on installation jobs, the option of equipment which is environmentally friendly, i.e. the use of modern refrigerants, the use of inverter driven condensers and free-cooling systems, wherever possible.
  • Ensuring our maintenance customers H.V.A.C and control systems are maintained to the highest standards, improving economy.
  • The management and safe handling of refrigerant gases used by our company.

We aim to review our environmental policies and procedures regularly to improve our performance and quality.

All employees will be made aware of this policy and their responsibilities for environmental issues.

Pulse Services will maintain and operate a policy to ensure that;

  • All waste will be, wherever possible, recycled.
  • Products and suppliers will be shown preference for their reduction in environmental impact and conservation.
  • A commitment to carry out business electronically, reducing paper usage.
  • System controls will be continuously checked reducing fuel usage at the company’s premises and those of our customers.
  • We will always seek to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, re-usable, recyclable and that do not damage the environment.
  • All plant and equipment not being used will be switched off.
  • Whenever possible, Pulse Services re-uses incoming packaging materials

This policy statement is on display at company premises and is made available to the public via our website.

    • Air Conditioning

      With highly trained technicians we have installations ranging from 3 kW comfort systems upwards of 500kW commercial comfort cooling.

    • Heating

      Designed / Installed / Maintained Ideal - Hamworthy - Potterton - Remeha Reznor - Powermatic - Winterwarm

    • Heat Pumps

      Air Source Heat Pump systems offering 420% efficiencies & 80 degrees C water temperatures, a real alternative to traditional heating systems.

    • Solar Thermal/PV

      REAL / MCS Designed / Installed / Maintained Yingli - SMA - Resol - Barilla

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