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Covid-19 Latest update

Coronavirus update (COVID-19)

09 Apr 2020

We know that during the coronavirus outbreak, you’ll rely on us now more than ever to keep you and your family safe and warm. Your safety, and the safety of our employees, will remain our number one priority in the weeks and months ahead.

We will continue to operate the 24/7 National Gas Emergency Service across United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our engineers will continue to attend properties and make the situation safe, as always. We have extra safety precautions in place to make sure you and our colleagues are protected from catching or spreading the virus.


Changes to our ways of working

Following the latest Government advice on 23 March to stay at home, we must make changes to our usual ways of working. From Tuesday 24 March, we are only continuing with safety-critical and emergency work.

We're winding down all aspects of our other planned activities in a controlled way to ensure people and sites are safe, and our network is secure.


Protecting our customers and our colleagues

If you need us in an emergency, we are still here for you. However, if we need to visit your home, we’ll ask you some extra questions:

  • Is there anyone in your property with a confirmed case of coronavirus?
  • Are you or anyone else in the property in self-isolation on medical advice or following contact with someone who has the virus?

We’ll still come out to you if you answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions. With this in mind, we’ll ask you to help us keep our colleagues safe by following these extra steps:

  • Asking everyone in the property to stay in a separate room from our engineer while they work – this should be a room without any gas appliances or the gas meter
  • Opening all the windows in the room where our engineer will be working

Our engineers will wear protective equipment, including gloves and a mask, but please don’t be alarmed. This is to keep you safe, as well as our colleagues. 

We’re committed to keeping our key workers safe, as well as the business we visit, as we respond to gas emergencies. We’ll continue to follow all Government and public health advice on precautionary measures to reduce the risk for our people and our customers, including providing colleagues with guidance on social distancing as well as additional personal protective equipment. We’ve also split key business-critical teams across multiple locations to make sure we protect the essential service they provide.

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      Air Source Heat Pump systems offering 420% efficiencies & 80 degrees C water temperatures, a real alternative to traditional heating systems.

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      REAL / MCS Designed / Installed / Maintained Yingli - SMA - Resol - Barilla

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