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Corporate Responsibilities

1.                  Purpose

Pulse Services is committed to sustainable value-creation for our employees and clients in the areas in which we operate.

As an engineering company involved with the maintenance, design and installation of heating and cooling equipment which use natural resources, our operations impact the lives of many people.  We will pursue opportunities, while managing risks taking the social impact of our business operations into consideration.

This document contains the basic principles that we will follow in order to live up to our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).  It provides a framework to help put these principles into practice.


2.                  Our Basic CSR Principles

Respect for Human Rights

Pulse supports the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We shall make sure that our operations are conducted in accordance with basin human rights standards.

Contributing to Sustainability

Through developing profitable business and active engagement with our clients, we aim to ensure that our business practices contribute to long-term development of energy saving and carbon reduction within the HVAC industry.


Pulse will not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political opinion.  We recognise the intrinsic value of the different cultures, and will show respect for these cultures in all our business practices.


To ensure that our activities are properly adapted to meet site conditions and generate positive benefits both fo the Company, Clients and Employees, we are prepared to enter into an open dialogue with relevant stakeholders.


Pulse shall maintain high standards of integrity.  This means that we shall be honest and fair in all our dealings.

We shall not permit or tolerate engagement in bribery or other forms of corruption.

Roles and Responsibilities

While each Pulse Services employee has a responsibility to abide by the fundamental principles outlined in this document, specific responsibility for implementation is assigned as follows:

Directors and Managers are responsible for CSR implementation and for communicating the basic principles of the Directive to all employees in our Company.

Business Units

To ensure that our business practices are in accordance with these basic principles, challenges related to CSR shall be evaluated in connection with the yearly business planning process.  If relevant, goals and targets should be established.


All staff are responsible for developing CSR policy, reporting guidelines, monitoring internal performance.

    • Air Conditioning

      With highly trained technicians we have installations ranging from 3 kW comfort systems upwards of 500kW commercial comfort cooling.

    • Heating

      Designed / Installed / Maintained Ideal - Hamworthy - Potterton - Remeha Reznor - Powermatic - Winterwarm

    • Heat Pumps

      Air Source Heat Pump systems offering 420% efficiencies & 80 degrees C water temperatures, a real alternative to traditional heating systems.

    • Solar Thermal/PV

      REAL / MCS Designed / Installed / Maintained Yingli - SMA - Resol - Barilla

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